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Why Do Yorkies Stink? Things To Know!

Non-Yorkie owners are probably expecting Yorkies to smell like angels. Their royal appearance, smooth, silky coat, and even their manners are just projecting the “ladies and gentlemen” feeling. Although many believe that Yorkshire Terriers are angels bathing in perfumes, sometimes, it gets a little uncomfortable living with these little ones. So, why do Yorkies stink?

Why do Yorkies stink? What could be the reasons?

Yorkies aren’t smelly by their nature, but, firstly, they are dogs. They do not have a bath every day, they are playing in parks, with other dogs. So, if you are worried about your cutie smelling bad, you should know something about the reasons behind that.

Yorkshire Terriers have extremely sensitive and beautiful hair. It needs to be brushed frequently, and your dog needs a bath once a week, or at least once in three weeks. Their hair gets wet and dirty from time to time, so sometimes the result is a bad smell. Also, your dog can be allergic, which causes the level of skin oil to increase. For example, while some dogs are not sensitive to fleas at all, others smell extremely bad because of just one flea. A reaction to fleas sometimes means the dog is allergic to the fleas saliva. 

Allergies can be related to plants, specific food, or ingredients. If you have any suspicion that the skin is the source of bad smell, visit the vet because it can be a skin infection. Grooming, brushing, and bathing your pet is a solution. It is not common to bathe your dog every day, so, there still are some levels of smell that are acceptable. But, make sure your Yorkie’s hair is as clean as it can be. 

why do yorkies stink

Other than skin and hair, the source of a bad smell can also be your Yorkie’s mouth. The reason is clear – there are some issues with Yorkie’s teeth. Food leftovers and bacteria can cause some serious dental problems and a bad smell with them. The fastest way to clean your Yorkie’s teeth is to give them dry food because the crunchy texture will keep them clean. Also, chewing toys are great for the Yorkie’s dental health. They are a small dog breed, which means dental issues are not strange to them. Some owners don’t believe it but, your Yorkie needs its teeth brushed! Brush them daily, and use appropriate dog toothpaste. Brushing Yorkie’s teeth and making sure it is eating healthy and proper food will keep their teeth strong, and fortunately, not smelly!

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Another reason for your Yorkie smelling bad is actually a fun fact. All dogs have anal sacs and glands, which they inherited from wolfs. The only usage of these parts is territory marking. That is actually the reason why dogs are smelling each other’s bottoms when meeting. An inflammation or another issue can happen in this area, which, apart from the bad smell, causes severe pain to your dog. In this case, you should consult your vet, as soon as possible. There are some more health problems causing smells and odors, such as ear infection. If your dog keeps smelling bad even after a bath, a medical issue is probably the cause. 

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Why do Yorkies stink? Wrapping up

So, have in mind that your loved Yorkshire Terrier is a dog. Sometimes it just smells bad, because of natural skin oils, or because of the dirt accumulating on its hair. But still, some basic hygiene needs to be maintained. Give your dog a bath once a week if possible, if not, once in three weeks. Groom and brush that gorgeous hair. Take care of their little teeth. Yorkies like showing them! Brush them daily and feed your dog according to its needs and nature.

Always consult with your vet, and make a visit on a regular basis. If your Yorkie likes wearing cute outfits, wash them properly and frequently, especially if it gets wet and dirty outside. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most demanding little creatures, the biggest drama queens, and high-maintenance cuties. Who knew someone so tiny needs so much attention and care? No, that’s the wrong way to think about it. Keep your glass half full. Yorkies are the gloriest among the dogs, and there is not a level of care and treatment high enough when it comes to them!

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