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Yorkshire Terriers 101: Facts, Traits & More

yorkshire terriers facts and traits

Although they appear as the main stars of the catwalk, these adorable creatures are one of the tiniest dogs of the Terrier breed. Since they are Scottish originated, maybe you will expect them to be stubborn, brave, friendly – when they get to know you, or perhaps uptight. Well, stubborn for sure, but are they really the reflection of the Scots? Let’s find out the most important Yorkshire terrier traits together!

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The Historical Event of The 19th Century – The Arrival of The Yorkshires 

Since Yorkshire is the biggest country in The UK, the Scotts have concluded that this land is suitable for breeding their elegant little friends. They have come to Yorkshire with intentions to seek some work, as they were always hardworking folks. Different varieties of tiny Terriers were brought to Yorkshire. It is believed that several types of Terriers participated in making this magnificent breed – Skye Terrier, Paisley Terrier, and even Maltese!

The breeding process has become intense, especially in Yorkshire, and voila world – Yorkshire Terriers! And so the most famous toy size breed, with silk, glorious hair, with the walk and the appearance of royalty was established. The entire world was blessed with the stars of the dog breeds. And the rest is history.

The most important Yorkshire terrier traits

Yorkshire terrier traits: Silk and Tiny, Always Shiny Hair

Yorkshire Terriers are certainly one of the most famous streetwalkers. But, chances are, if you are not familiar with dog breeds, you maybe won’t recognize the Yorkshire Terrier. Why? Well, if you don’t know what their appearance is, and you see a Yorkie, your first thought would probably be – “What kind of angel dog is this?!” You would be delighted with this walk, the pat of tiny paws, waving tails, and the cutest sniffing muzzles. If you are not aware of this breed, first of all, it’s a shame for your eyes, heart, and soul. On the other side, if the Yorkies have already gotten your attention (which probably is the case), you should know – there is never enough information and fun facts about them! Do yourself a favor, and keep reading! 

yorkshire terrier traits

Their tenuous nature and appearance is something you should always consider if a Yorkie is a part of your family. There are some struggles Yorkies are dealing with. Yes, they do have silk coats, often stylized and long, insomuch they don’t need fashion or cute outfits to be the center of attention. But, underneath the silky cover, there is nothing but a tender shivering body.

There isn’t a warm coat to protect them from the cold. In that manner, you should consider providing them with warm clothes. Luckily, the dog fashion industry is thinking about their main fashion models, so you will easily find appropriate suits for the Yorkies. The single-layered coat decreases shedding and accordingly the possibility of allergies.

yorkshire terriers facts

To maintain the silk effect of Yorkshire’s coats, you have to brush them often. Their neat coat demands neat care, so in return, you can expect a neat home – Yorkies don’t shed as much as the other breeds. Of course, you can give them a cute Yorkie haircut, if your Yorkie is a more casual than elegant type of dog.

Still, whatever style is in the nature of the Yorkie, either if you want to provide them with the smooth cape of their hair, or if you want to give them shiny bangs, to flutter on the wind, you must give them adequate care. Although they may not like it, the Yorkies need a warm bath from time to time. And that can hurt. 

If you wonder how to achieve the long silky veil on your Yorkie, it’s simple as – Don’t take it to the groomer too often! Take proper care of their coat, and soon you will be ready to seize all the competitions!

You will rarely see a black Yorkshire Terrier since they are born with a black coat, but their color changes while they mature. Although some Yorkies remain black, an adult Yorkie usually has a steel blue coat, with an admixture of a silver reflection and mostly tan specific for Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkies weigh up to 7 pounds, and their height is up to 9 inches. Surprised? Well, what would you expect? They still are Terriers.

yorkies facts

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – the Yorkie is a Person

Yorkies are usually very healthy, and live long – approximately 14 years! Usually not less, but sometimes even more. Although they are healthy and happy toy dogs, there still are medical conditions common to the Yorkshire Terriers. These conditions, if treated properly and timely, won’t cause your dog big problems or serious consequences. As you have figured it out by now, Yorkshire Terriers can be very sensitive, fragile and gentle, because of their royal appearance and toy size. The most important thing is prevention. Take your dog to the vet from time to time, just to be sure everything is okay. 

If you notice any symptoms and differences in their behavior or appearance, visit the vet immediately.  The conditions that are common to Yorkies are not too dangerous but can be very unpleasant. For example, ingrown eyelashes. Can you imagine how much it hurts? Oh, the trouble of fame and beauty… The best solution is to visit your vet on a regular basis and get all the information you need. Not every Yorkie has the same needs. Besides visiting the vet, you need to get to know your little friend. Yorkies are very playful and cheerful, especially when it comes to catching the ball – they are tireless! 

Physical activity is important for dogs as much as for humans. You may think that too much exercise isn’t good for them because of their size. You are forgetting something – they still are Terriers. There is plenty of energy in them. But, be careful, sometimes they believe they are as huge as their personality, so you must have your eye on them. That trait in combination with their friendly or even competitive nature can end up bad. Take advantage of the energetic personality of the Yorkshire Terriers. Take them outside as much as you can. It’s never boring or slow with them. They can even be your workout buddies!

Yorkshire Terriers have adorable little waving tails. But, wait a minute… Are they just waving cheerfully, or chasing flies away underneath the tail? Because of the smooth and gentle hair, this can actually be the case. Take care of this particularly cute part of their bodies to prevent the trouble. Of course, if the hair is too long, you want to take care of those vibrant eyes. Make sure the hair doesn’t cover their path.

Also, the hair can sometimes be too heavy for these little bodies. Although Yorkshire Terrier traits look preciously gorgeous with the street-touching length of their hair, often it can cause them problems. For example, don’t forget to cut the hair of their ears, because it can weigh them down. Also, when it’s really hot or wet outside, a long hairstyle can make Yorkies uncomfortable.  

yorkshire terrier traits

Yorkshire terrier traits: The Temper

There maybe is a doubt you have. How come the Yorkies are so tiny since they are Terriers? Oh, don’t judge the book by its covers. They are completely aware of their elegance and cuteness. Not that they are conceited, but you can definitely see them tearing clouds with their muzzles. They would be walking proudly, minding their own business. But if there is danger near you, you can count on the Terrier personality in them. Their shrieking, extremely loud bark and anger because somebody has tried to violate their or your peace, will chase away the enemies in a snap of a finger! Having a Yorkie means knowing that somebody has got your back.

Yorkshire Terriers do have a bit of a nasty temper, but still, they are pretty lovable and gentle if they are getting the same from you (and if everything is under their control and according to their desires). If these little sniffers are giving you a hard time, you should train them. It won’t be hard. Yet, they do believe they are the biggest dogs on the field, they are very loud and competitive.

In intention to show themselves, Yorkies can get in trouble by the dogs that actually are big. If you are dealing with a Yorkshire Terrier, you are dealing with a flash of lightning. They are full of energy, extremely fast, and intelligent. That can cause you problems. If you just can’t handle the energy and temper this breed brings, take your Yorkie to a trainer! It will help you to aim Yorkie’s energy and intelligence to discipline.

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When it comes to Yorkshire terrier traits, you have to be careful about other little creatures. A child or a squirrel, there is not a huge difference for a Yorkie. If it’s small and running, Yorkie will chase it. And probably catch it. If it’s not respecting Yorkie’s wishes, if it’s playing not on its way, or not playing at all when the Yorkie wants it… Hello, problem!

Yes, they are demanding, attention and control freaks, but when nobody’s watching, they will look at you, wink, and both of you will impatiently wait for the end of the day, and warm, cozy cuddles. It maybe doesn’t seem like it, but, it will take you a few minutes to realize you have gotten yourself your best friend for life. Yorkshire Terriers are essentially friendly, empathic, and full of love.

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